About Us

We and its affiliated and parent companies have over 5 experience bringing customers great deals on Apparel and Home Decor. We started off saving money for local retail customers on their favorite gear and ventured nationally and internationally in the wholesale arena to bring great deals to the masses. After many years in local retail and large whole distribution we thought, “Hey, why not bring these great deals to the diverse customers of world wide web?” With that thought, we started dabbling in selling items on EBAY, and then Amazon. Through suggestions from our customers and more flexibility on our own site we decided to bring you our online store.


Now that you know a little about our history you know that we are devoted to bringing you great deals on the Apparel and Home Decor you love. What you will learn by dealing with us is the following: We are committed to you having a great experience with us. We want to give you the highest level of service and strive every day to find new ways to do so. We are committed to keeping our overhead costs down so we can give you un-inflated prices. Over the top business, costs should not make their way into your product price.

Your thoughts, feedback, questions, concerns, and suggestions are important to us. We value our over 5 years customers. Let us know how we can improve our site, what brand you are looking for, etc. We are all ears.

Have an idea for design? Send us your idea and we might just create it for you.

Thanks for visiting !